Our Journey

We can provide Marble, Onyx, Granite and Travertine slabs with wide variety of colours, tailored to the needs of your project.

Natural stones are incredibly hard, durable and alluring in its finished form, creating a sense of luxury in any application.

Provided that the stone is treated correctly and sealed, these stones are a timeless piece and will show their beauty and value for years to come. For centuries, marble and onyx has been used to decorate extravagant buildings as well as interior and exterior floors, and we can honestly say it has been tried, tested and trusted.

A timeless material associated with opulence and luxury, we can help you acquire these pieces for your homes and projects at unbeatable prices!

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Round the year MDM have our technical team scout through certain areas globally, to help us source the highest quality of marble and onyx amongst other natural stones.

Exploration and scouting for new resources is a highly painstaking task, however can be very rewarding. Our dedicated teams continuously explore new areas globally, seeking only the best quality of natural stone.


Partnering with MDM who are a second generation mining enterprise. Whether On the surface, underground or placer, we know how to mine efficiently!

Ability to execute multiple mining operations, ensuring we deliver on key deliverables, making it a win-win for us and our partner. We take great pride in our ability to mine anywhere. Especially in the otherwise inaccessible regions of the world, allowing us to present true natural beauty in slabs.


We are partnered with leading processing plants

We are partnered with a leading processing plant based in Kharachi. Equipped with latest high-tech Italian machinery including a great number of gang-saws and bridge cutters all under one roof.

This plant enables us to supply large quantities of premium quality Marble & Onyx slabs with an excellent finish every time. Huge savings on costs to bring the price down.


We execute on time with quality

We aim to cover projects of any size nationwide, here in the UK. Thanks to our trusted partners and our edge in mining and processing. We execute on time with producing quality Marble & Onyx.

Our complete focus is on providing quality stone with unbeatable prices. Our installed projects are a symbol of high-quality workmanship and finish. Our captive quarries enable us to meet with requirements of any sized projects.